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Human curiosity drove the invention of everything from the wheel, to compasses, ships, cars and even space crafts for a moon landing. We have explored the lands and sailed the seas, and we are ever striving to further ourselves. We progress because we have ambitions and dreams, and because we dare taking chances. At Wrist Ship Supply, we offer those with an adventurous nature a chance to become part of an exciting and international company.

Wrist started in 1953 and has since then been at the forefront in the ship supply industry. Wrist employs almost 1,200 people and conducts operations all over the world. We run an international and professional business, and for the challenges of tomorrow, we need smart, skilled and resourceful employees.

The Graduate Programme is an intensive 2-year journey designed to prepare you for becoming part of Wrist’s International talent pool. The Graduate Programme centers on your professional development, with most of your time spent working a real job within the core disciplines of sales, procurement, logistics and warehouse operations. Working under the guidance of a mentor, you will learn efficient decision-making and develop your own professional network. We offer a fun, energetic and challenging work environment.

The Graduate Programme is built on practical learning. During the two years, you will have two or three job assignments where you will be learning by doing. This way, we ensure that you will have an excellent understanding of the ship supply operations at the time of graduation. To supplement the practical education, you will participate in class-room training at four week-long modules during the two years.

The training will take place near Wrist’s headquarters in Denmark, where you will join your fellow Graduate colleagues from around the world for a week of concentrated learning about business and leadership. During the modules, you are expected to work on challenging real-life business dilemmas and prepare presentations with your recommendation to the Company’s senior management team. You will feel stretched and tested during these four modules, and through this process, you will get to know your own leadership style. We believe that the combination of “on the job” training and class-room learning will give you the best possible start for a progressive career in Wrist.

You are eligible for applying if you hold at least a Bachelor’s (or similar) degree.

You must be fluent in English and comfortable in a changing and dynamic work environment. If this sounds interesting to you, we strongly encourage you to apply.

The start date for the Graduate Programme: September 1st 2016. The application deadline is: Continuous process until July 1st 2016.

For more information about Wrist, see our website or For questions about the Graduate Programme, please e-mail us.

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor

Required language:

  • Engelsk



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